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How to Write a Board Report

The members of a company’s board are the most important people the company has and have a lot to contribute in the success of the business. A high-quality board report is the most effective method of providing them with the necessary information to make sound business decisions. Poor reports can lead to misinformation and the loss of productivity.

Many people make the mistake of including too much information in their board report. It’s easy to get carried away by requesting and collecting data from various departments or sections of the business But remember that your board won’t be able to be able to go through all of it. They’re short on time and need to quickly be able to comprehend the relevant sections of your board report to take a decision.

Many people make the mistake of failing to provide any actionable insights or suggestions. This is one of the most crucial elements of a report for boards, since it is the basis for discussion at the board meeting. Include the most important takeaways from your board report into a succinct executive summary that the board can easily absorb.

Additionally, some of the most common mistakes is using too much jargon and technical information in a report to the board. Keep in mind that your board members don’t come from your business world and may not be able understand technical terms or comprehend the significance of data https://boardroomlife.com/four-critical-factors-that-impact-nonprofit-success/ without providing context. Try to use visuals whenever you can to help board members visualize the data of your board and software tools such as Whatagraph can also assist in making this process simpler.

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